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Experts in ELECTRONIC DATA MANAGEMENT for litigation and business records management, including the disposition of legacy data. Contact Card | Bio

A. Kershaw, P.C. // Attorneys & Consultants is a nationally recognized data, litigation, and business records management consulting firm, providing independent analysis and innovative recommendations for the management of legacy and active data, including backup tapes, file shares, email and archives. Anne Kershaw is an expert on reducing costs associated with accumulated legacy data and electronic discovery. A. Kershaw PC addresses data challeneges in complex litigations, including antitrust, products liability and financial services cases, and the firm excels in addressing difficult corporate litigation management issues. A.Kershaw's solutions leverage technology and communications to substantially cut costs, enhance partnerships with outside counsel, and strengthen litigation support. The firm’s practice includes the design and implementation of litigation response plans, protocols for the preservation and collection of data for discovery, and the execution of data management and disposition recommendations. The firm also vets data search and review technologies, educates outside counsel on electronic discovery issues, manages vendor selection, and conducts cost benchmarking surveys for legislative and judicial consideration.

A.Kershaw P.C. // Attorneys & Consultants provides the unique combination of litigation management, trial experience, business process analysis, technology skills, and project management skills that enable you to effectively manage and control accumulated data and significantly cut costs.

Initiatives recommended and implemented by A.Kershaw, P.C. // Attorneys & Consultants have resulted in the savings of millions of dollars in repetitive stress litigation, tobacco litigation, product liability litigation, antitrust cases, and insurance defense.

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